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Ode to the Awkward Hour

An outlet, sticky battlefront of crumbs.  I’ve been staring into space for —  Sorry, what? No, absolutely. No, it’s fine, no ones sitting— No problem.  Have I read a single word? Or, Just silently bored holes into the negative spaces that make up the letters On the page- Screen- Screen-page. I think the later, re: […]

a guide to visiting men on business

a guide to visiting men on business the hotel You will arrive bleary eyed and hungry. You have ridden the bus into the city because you are punishing yourself in advance for taking a vacation. The room key has been left at the oversized front desk under his name. It is always under his name. […]


Knit Allegory

A writing. Knit Allegory I haven’t been wearing your sweaters. They’re hanging On the back of my door It isn’t warm or anything, Frost on windowsills and I’m cold.   You forgot them there on purpose. Sleeves pre-rolled up, for me Little woven soldiers on plastic coat hooks And I really am fucking cold.   […]



Wrote a blog on the TEDxGlasgow website. I am a TEDoPhile, so excuse the gushing. You can read the full post on the website here. Who knew that a 17 minute YouTube video could reinvent my thinking? I didn’t until I saw Brene Brown and her talk on the Power of Vulnerability. That was my […]