Served on the leadership team for TEDxGlasgow. Tried to play it cool.

I did entertainment for the events and the salons that year.

It was rad. Volunteering is good. TED is great. Glasgow rocks.

Why Not Here?

“‘Why Not Here?’ – A purposefully provocative question that seeks to inspire a new vision by challenging us to reconsider our surroundings. We want to provoke a shift in mindset that makes you think – why not in your home, in your street, in your workplaces? Why not Glasgow? Why not TEDxGlasgow? Why not here?”

-Cat Leaver

People Made TEDxGlasgow

It was a bracing, brilliant, & revelatory time.

“People Make Glasgow” is the official slogan for the city. It is based on the idea (read: truth) that the best part of Glasgow, is the people who live there. And TEDxGlasgow is no exception.

The work of TEDxGlasgow went far beyond launching the conference & into the conversation about what it means to be a part of the community. Leadership team meetings were bristling with innovative problem solving, boundary-pushing, & a whole hearted love for what makes Glasgow great. I worked alongside some of Scotland’s finest to bring these things to life; curator & TEDx founder, Gurjit Singh Lalli, head of operations, Ian Delworth, head of partnerships, Pauline Houston, head of marketing Cat Leaver, & head of management, Joanne Lynn. They are phenomenally wonderful humans (who all have full-time, non-TEDx jobs, mind you) & you can find out more about them here.


Wrote a blog on the TEDxGlasgow website. I am a TEDoPhile, so excuse the gushing. You can read the full post on the website here. Who knew that a 17 minute YouTube video could reinvent my thinking? I didn’t until I saw Brene Brown and her talk on the Power of Vulnerability. That was my […]